Date:Thursday April 28th, 2016 – Monday May 2nd, 2016 14:00am start 2:00pm finish
605 Kouya-san, Kouya-cho, Ina-gun Wakayama-ken

  • Room and board only.
  • Meals are included in room and board.
  • Cash only (Japanese Yen). Please prepare for additional charge.

There will be workshop and  accommodation cancellation fee.

  • Before April 1st 20% of the workshop and accommodation fee.
  • After April 2nd 50% of the workshop and accommodation fee.
  • 1 week prior to the workshop 50% of the workshop and no refunds on the accommodation.
  • There is no refunds cancelling on the day of the workshop.

Evolutional Odyssey

Human evolution has gone through remarkable growth at many points along a great journey. There are various theories regarding the evolutionary process of our consciousness. However, one theory states that human beings achieved exponential development due to shamanic journeys to different worlds. Journeys to different worlds are very obscure, like events in dreams, and are full of metaphor. It cannot be understood with our usual logic and reasoning. As we begin to understand the language of metaphor, our brains start to receive a vast amount of information, and create new, unknown paths that are unfamiliar to us. This cosmic information is full of unknown signals which exceed the cognitive ability of the normal spectrum (within left-brain attributes) of our consciousness. Now, as the entire planet Earth seems to be transforming the condition of its very existence, we can argue that we are encouraged by the Universe, or God, to allow our consciousness to evolve. The true significance of Sifu Christopher Matsuo’s work lies in his ability to take cosmic information and break it down to the cellular level, beyond our brains’ understanding.

Alchemy of Shiva Shakti Ganesh

Tantra is the art of alchemy which integrates two different energies: male and female, yin and yang. Things that have been separated into two will seek its other half to try and reintegrate. This is quite natural and every human being goes on a journey to find the other half they lost.
Seeking for partnership on the journey through the outside world is the best way to bring male and female together as one. The adoration of life teaches us to achieve integration with the cosmic consciousness using our physical body as a vehicle, and using sex and other life experiences. This ancient, straightforward teaching was controversial even during its time, and practitioners who tried to achieve enlightenment or understanding of the cosmic consciousness through these methods were criticized.

Soshuho (the joint practice or exercise between two people) is the practice of seeing one’s own reflection in the other. In exercises using sex, cosmic orgasms are experienced, and we acknowledge our partner as God. However, at the same time, it works as a trigger to abandon ourselves to the pleasure of sex. It is very dangerous to cross the ocean of pleasure without alert awareness and a teacher’s guidance.

Holy Marriage –  Divine Union

To reach true oneness or unity, we must return inside of ourselves from the world of duality. Duality returning to unity is the true nature of the universe. We are all born alone. We grow and meet a variety of people, learn from each other, and love each other. However, we all eventually leave this physical body alone.

A true Holy Marriage is achieved inside of ourselves. We learn the warmth of friendship from our partners, parents, schools, and work. All those things we learn from our life experiences are waiting to integrate deep inside of our souls. They do not start pulsating inside of our souls as a unique entity until they are refined by the flames of love. The laws of the Universe and Tao start from inside of ourselves, and develop into an exercise to be shared with someone else, before returning back inside of ourselves. It is an infinitely circulating journey.

Om Ah Hung – Sanmitsu

To integrate all the practices we’ve done so far, we use the secret formula of Sanmitsu “Body, Mouth, and Intention.” Sanmitsu is the most fundamental teaching of Buddhism. We shift the functions of our physical bodies, our mouths (or words), and our intentions (or consciousness) to a higher dimension. If any one of these channels (Body, Mouth or Intention) weakens, we feel a sense of indefinable discomfort that spreads out to our whole being, which means that we are tuned into the channel of misfortune. Everyone has their own tendency or habit to tune into a certain channel. Our life can change just by knowing which channel makes us feel unpleasant and experience misfortune. When we learn the Mudra of Sanmitsu, it activates a higher consciousness. Special abilities start to manifest as we launch three channels at the same time and boost the energy of Qi.

Kannon Flying Needle 4

We practice the beautiful form of Baguazan “Quan Yin Flying Needle” to integrate our learning and break down our experiences to the level of our physical body and cells. The energy of Quan Yin riding the Dragon (symbol of powerful life force) gracefully brings forth a sacred mind and firm grounding, and leads us clearly to the right direction.

The forms look a bit difficult at first, but don’t worry. Sifu Chris Matsuo will take his time to teach each of us carefully. (Click on the link to see the video.) Even if you just practice only part of the forms, with persistence, you will realize that this contains all the secrets of the universe.