Date:Saturday April 23rd, 2016 – Sunday April 24th, 2016 10:00am to 5:00pm
2030 Kami onkata-cho Hachioji-shi, TOKYO 192-0156

  • You can choose with or without room and board.
  • Lunch is available at the hotel approximately  ¥1,000 per day.
  • Meals are included in room and board.
  • Cash only (Japanese Yen). Please prepare for additional charge.

There will be workshop and  accommodation cancellation fee.

  • Before April 1st 20% of the workshop and accommodation fee.
  • After April 2nd 50% of the workshop and accommodation fee.
  • 1 week prior to the workshop 50% of the workshop and no refunds on the accommodation.
  • There is no refunds cancelling on the day of the workshop.


Human Attainments

The third training is to attain a clear vision of the way you live.
Everyone is born holding a perfect soul.

Unlock Your Capabilities in Tantric Way

False and borrowed believes are not functional in the ture world.
The true way the world works can only be found through a pure open heart.

Internal Caltivation of Energy

Cutting and unveiling liberating the inner light using Kujikiri (the nine cuts/nine seals) is a Mikkyo tantric attainment. Also means a secret way of cutting off all the burdens, attachments, and obstacles so you will reach the level of having a clear aura and clear vision.
While growing up we are fed false doctrines about life and not even questioning where there origins were.
When ambitions is not survival anymore, such as nothing to do with man woman and child, as it leads away from sacredness of sex/having children, ambitions becomes distorted. This is false attainment.
Human-beings are created through sex, but modern people have totally forgotten about holiness, majesty and secrecy of “sex” and enormous energy to create cosmos. Alternatively distorted belief developed from oblivion has darkened life majesty by resulting in much sorrow related sex. The distorted belief twists human chakra system and causes illnesses. When you execute Kujikiri with correct understandings, the mark takes away unnecessary things and fully corrects chakra system.

Kujikiri, Chakra, and Real World

Kujikiri is an esoteric technique of the Veda, which Mikkyo tantric Buddhism has kept.
In Mikkyo Buddhism, out of 387 Mudras plus variations nine are the most important. Upon practicing the Mudras, you can usually notice seven or eight chakras of nine. However you have to expand your mind widely to the cosmos through purer spiritual sense, in order to access the ninth chakra.
By executing it, your world will experience transformation. We are living in the most important moment for an approching new era and a way of life. We must deeply consider what needs to change for the better.

Kannon Flying Needle 3

We practice the beautiful form of Baguazan “Quan Yin Flying Needle” to integrate our learning and break down our experiences to the level of our physical body and cells. The energy of Quan Yin riding the Dragon (symbol of powerful life force) gracefully brings forth a sacred mind and firm grounding, and leads us clearly to the right direction.

The forms look a bit difficult at first, but don’t worry. Sifu Chris Matsuo will take his time to teach each of us carefully. (Click on the link to see the video.) Even if you just practice only part of the forms, with persistence, you will realize that this contains all the secrets of the universe.