Date:Saturday April 2nd, 2016 – Sunday April 3rd, 2016 10:00am to 5:00pm
Place:Miyajima Morino Yado Inn
Omoto Koen, Miyajima-cho Hatsukaichi-shi, Hirosima-ken 739-0588

  • You can choose with or without room and board.
  • Lunch is available at the hotel approximately  ¥1,000 per day.
  • Meals are included in room and board.
  • Cash only (Japanese Yen). Please prepare for additional charge.
  • Parking will not be available.

There will be workshop and  accommodation cancellation fee.

  • Before April 1st 20% of the workshop and accommodation fee.
  • After April 2nd 50% of the workshop and accommodation fee.
  • 1 week prior to the workshop 50% of the workshop and no refunds on the accommodation.
  • There is no refunds cancelling on the day of the workshop.


The first training is “Discernment.”
People are seeking to know heart truly wants, what is best for them, and find a heartfelt freedom.
Kinesiology, using the reaction of the muscle, is one of the tool to know what your heart is saying. From neither an advice from others nor outside information it will also be a tool for making decision. Making your own decision is a key to find and feel freedom.

Kinesiology of Tantra is not only choosing what is good and best for you, but also leading oneself to the sacred mind and heart of the Kannon having the “Gift of Discernment.”

The JEWELS of DECISION and LEADERSHIP “om mani pame hum”

This world is made with relationship and engagement with others.
In times of obligation, people tend to swallow their opinion and suppress their true expression.
This inner conflict oppresses the spirit and will manifest chaos in the body, mind, spirit, and emotions.
Typically, can lead to social problems like depression in all its facets. These people carry a hidden jewel of illuminating potential and they just need that one missing spark to ignite their self confident.

In addition, there are some cases that a executive leader is required to make a responsible and spontaneous decision. To make a decision instantly and promote it strongly, there is a need for unwavering trust in themselves and a driving divine power that will support from deepest source.

There are moments that the judgment of the leader could affect the lives of people in the organization.  Even colleagues who work together, life circumstances are different and the forms of the “best” would vary. What kind of decisions can lead better results?
The most necessary decisions are the ones that would lead to the maximum force for themselves and their organisation by drawing out the ability of others. Ability to understand the whole clearly, ability to see from the top of the mountain, to trust the future which is not seen yet, it is the power of Kannon. When you make a decision from the heart of love, unlimited support from the universe can be obtained.

Understanding Through Relationship

For even love and partnership, the same thing will be said.
Are you in love with the other? Are you in love with love?
When you stay away from your true needs in order to continue the relationship,
when you try to engage the image of happiness that was created in your head to the real world,
there will not be a Harmony between you and the other, but there will be a Dissonance.

Let’s ask ourselves.
The truth is in ourselves, inside of the Kannon.
Tuning into the source of truth deep within the heart, we explore and illuminate what is the right decision for the soul. What is really needed and why this it so.


By using Mudra, will redirect awareness from all distraction to what is being engaged and will bring focus from all distraction.
Mudra is a gesture, dance, kamae,  and a method of highly-structured tantra. It brings the balance by activating the micro system of fingers and palms. Balancing, strengthening, and  evolving energy systems. You will easily feel the connection and state associated with the chakra and energy systems.

Kannon Flying Needle 1

We practice the beautiful form of Baguazan “Quan Yin Flying Needle” to integrate our learning and break down our experiences to the level of our physical body and cells. The energy of Quan Yin riding the Dragon (symbol of powerful life force) gracefully brings forth a sacred mind and firm grounding, and leads us clearly to the right direction.

The forms look a bit difficult at first, but don’t worry. Sifu Chris Matsuo will take his time to teach each of us carefully. (Click on the link to see the video.) Even if you just practice only part of the forms, with persistence, you will realize that this contains all the secrets of the universe.